Hebohh.. tak disangka.. Tampang biasa saja, Pria ini miliki 9 anak dari kedua istri cantik dan seksi

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Tampang biasa saja, Pria ini miliki 9 anak dari kedua istri cantik dan seksi

Mereka sudah hidup bersama selama lebih dari 10 tahun

Planet Merdeka – Hari Valentine biasanya dijadikan momen untuk memamerkan kebersamaan bersama orang terkasih. Seseorang biasanya membagikan foto kedekatan dengan pasangan, keluarga hingga teman.

Namun, hal yang sedikit berbeda dilakukan oleh seorang wanita asal Thailand yang memiliki akun Facebook Warissara Poksrichan. Melalui media sosialnya, wanita berusia 32 tahun ini mengunggah foto kebersamaannya dengan sang suami pada momen Hari Valentine (14/2/2018).

Tapi, uniknya, Warissara tak hanya bersama suaminya saja tetapi juga membagikan foto bersama suami dan istri lainnya. Dilansir dari Coconuts, Warissara menulis, “Orang-orang pamer tentang suaminya di Facebook. Baiklah, suamiku punya 2 istri!”

Dalam unggahan tersebut Warissara juga mengatakan bahwa meski sudah bertahun-tahun, perasaannya pada sang suami tak pernah berubah. Unggahannya ini jadi viral hingga dibagikan lebih dari 6 ribu kali.

Tak hanya itu, suami Warissara ternyata memiliki 2 orang istri yang dianggap cantik dan seksi oleh netizen. Sang suami yang bernama Manop Nuttayothin (42) mengatakan bahwa sebenarnya ia punya 3 istri. Sayangnya, istri pertama meninggal usai melahirkan 3 anak. Manop dan Warissara sendiri sudah hidup bersama lebih dari 10 tahun.

Setelah itu, ia menikah lagi dengan Nattaya Tongpan (26). Dari 3 pernikahan tersebut, Manop memiliki 3 anak dari masing-masing istrinya, yang berarti Manop punya total 9 anak.

Kedua istri Manop selama ini membantunya untuk mengelola bisnis yang ia jalankan. Manop punya usaha di bidang otomotif seperti berjualan onderdil mobil di sebuah acara balapan besar di Thailand.

Ayah 9 anak ini mengaku memberikan gaji pada Warissara dan Nattaya. Namun, kedua wanita tersebut menolak memberi tahu jumlah uang yang mereka terima. Nattaya mengatakan bahwa semuanya bukan soal uang. Kedua istri yang membantu bisnis Manop disebut menginvestasikan kebanyakan penghasilannya untuk anak-anaknya.

“Itu benar. Untuk anak-anak, dia memberinya 100 persen. Untuk para istri, jika kami meminta 1000 bath (Rp400 ribu), dia hanya memberi kami 200 bath (Rp80 ribu),” ungkap Warissara setuju.

Atas pernikahan mereka yang unik dan sukses ini, keluarga Manop diundang di sebuah program TV lokal. Manop mengaku beruntung karena bisa memiliki 3 istri.

Manop mengungkap rahasia pernikahannya yang bahagia adalah dengan cara berusaha menyelesaikan masalah-masalah yang muncul saat itu juga.

“Saat ada masalah, aku membicarakannya dengan mereka di hari itu juga.”

Meski hidup bahagia, pria tersebut menyadari terkadang ia bersikap kurang adil pada 2 istrinya. Ia pernah memperlakukan satu istrinya lebih baik daripada yang lain.

“Ketika aku tahu ada sebuah masalah, aku memastikan untuk memperlakukan keduanya dengan adil. Kami melakukan hal yang sama. Kami melakukan semuanya di waktu yang sama. Itu yang terbaik,” jelasnya.

Hal ini diikuti dengan baik oleh kedua istrinya. Warissara mengaku hanya ingin fokus membangun keluarga dengan suaminya dan Nattaya. Meski tinggal satu rumah, keduanya mengaku tak pernah bertengkar. Bahkan, melalui akun Facebook-nya, Warissara sering mengunggah kebersamaannya dengan Nattaya. Perempuan ini juga mengaku bahwa Manop adalah pria yang adil, perhatian dan pekerja keras.

“Ini semua tentang pengertian. Kami saling mencintai. Kami saling perhatian. Karena itulah, kami bahagia. Kami percaya itu,” jelas Warrisara.

How Do Tax Deductions Work When Donating a Car?

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Donating your car to charity may end up in important tax financial savings should you embrace it in your charitable contribution deduction. However, doing somewhat planning will be sure that you maximize the tax financial savings of your donation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires you to calculate your deduction in one in every of two methods, relying on how the charity makes use of your donation. Deductions for cars the charity sells are restricted to the gross sales worth. In all different circumstances, you need to use the car’s honest market worth.
Step 1: Find out how a lot the charity bought the car for
Use the worth the charity obtains to your car in a sale as the quantity of your deduction. For instance, if the charity sells the car at public sale for $three,000, your deduction is restricted to $three,000, even when the honest market worth is $four,500. However, if the charity sells the car at a reduction to a needy particular person or retains the car for its personal inside use, then you’ll be able to declare a deduction for its honest market worth.

Step 2: Determine the car’s honest market worth
The IRS suggests that you simply use a good used-car worth information to calculate your deduction when utilizing honest market worth. For instance, go to your native library and acquire a latest copy of the Kelley Blue Book. Search the personal occasion costs to your car primarily based on its make, mannequin and total situation. This kind of search might be carried out on the Internet as nicely.

Step three: Claiming the deduction
Report the quantity of your deduction on line 17 of Schedule A. Since you’ll be able to solely declare a deduction to your car donation should you itemize, the overall of all of your eligible bills on Schedule A should exceed the usual deduction quantity to your submitting standing.

If you utilize TurboTax to arrange your taxes, we’ll enable you to decide which submitting standing will get you the most important tax financial savings.

Step four: Additional types you will want
Complete Form 8283 in case your car donation deduction is greater than $500. If your deduction is between $501 and $5,000, you have to full Section A. If your deduction is larger than $5,000, you have to full Section B. If you full Section B, you have to additionally acquire a written appraisal as documentation.

Again, should you use TurboTax, we’ll ask easy questions and fill in all the correct types for you.


If the charity sells your car sells for $500 or much less, you’ll be able to deduct $500 or your car’s honest market worth, whichever is much less. For instance, in case your car is valued at $650 however sells for $350, you’ll be able to deduct $500.
Most charities will report the gross sales worth of your car to you on Form 1098-C.

You should have documentation of your donation. At a minimal, the documentation you obtain from the charity should embrace your identify, the car identification quantity, the date of your donation and an announcement describing the products and companies you acquired, if any.

Charitable Contributions
Updated for Tax

Learn methods to get the most important tax financial savings when making charitable contributions of money or checks, family items, cars or appreciated property.

The article beneath is correct to your 2017 taxes, the one that you simply file this 12 months by the April 2018 deadline, together with a number of retroactive adjustments because of the passing of tax reform. Some tax data beneath will change subsequent 12 months to your 2018 taxes, however gained’t influence you this 12 months. Learn extra about tax reform right here.

Choose the correct group
In order to your donation to be deductible, it should go to a nonprofit group that’s accredited by the IRS. Most typically, these are charitable, non secular or academic organizations, although they can be every little thing out of your native volunteer hearth firm to a bunch for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

If you are undecided whether or not the group you wish to assistance is accredited by the IRS to obtain tax-deductible donations, test on-line at IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check. This web site lets you enter the identify and placement of a company and discover out immediately if it qualifies.

Make certain it counts
To write off any money contributions, regardless of how small, you want a canceled test, bank report or a receipt with the charity’s identify and donation quantity. That signifies that placing money within the church assortment plate or the Salvation Army bucket is a no-no if you’d like to have the ability to take a deduction for it.

As with all itemized deductions, timing is every little thing. You can take the deduction to your contribution within the 12 months that you simply make it. For instance, should you mailed a test to your favourite charity on December 31, you’ll be able to write it off on that 12 months’s tax return. If you cost the donation on a bank card, the write-off is claimed within the 12 months the cost is made, even should you do not pay the bank card invoice till the next 12 months.

But a pledge to make a donation is completely different: Because it is solely a promise to make a future donation, there isn’t any deduction till you truly comply with by.

Donations are restricted
There’s additionally a restrict on how a lot you’ll be able to deduct. The fundamental rule is that your contributions to public charities, faculties and non secular teams cannot exceed 50 p.c of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). The caps are a bit decrease for presents to different sorts of nonprofits. When it involves presents of appreciated property, the restrict drops to 30 p.c of AGI. If these restrictions restrict your write-off within the 12 months of the present, the surplus deduction carries over to the subsequent 12 months.

Also, needless to say you’ll be able to’t write off a contribution to the extent that you simply get one thing in return. For instance, should you buy a $50 ticket to a fundraising dinner at a church, however the price of the dinner is $20, you’ll be able to deduct $30. For donations of greater than $75, the nonprofit should provide you with a written assertion telling you the worth of what you acquired in return and reminding you which you can’t deduct that portion of your contribution.

There’s additionally a particular rule for folk who donate to schools and universities and obtain the correct to buy tickets to highschool athletic occasions: They can deduct 80 p.c of their donation.

Appreciated property
Cash could also be king, however if you’d like a extremely large tax saver, your best guess could also be a donation of appreciated property—securities, actual property, artwork, jewellery or antiques.

If you have got owned the property greater than a 12 months, you’ll be able to deduct its full honest market worth and escape revenue tax on the appreciation. It pays to maintain that property the total 12 months earlier than giving it away: For property held one 12 months or much less, IRS solely lets you declare a deduction on the worth you paid for it.

Let’s say you personal inventory that you simply purchased a few years in the past for $1,000 that’s now value $10,000, and that you simply intend to make a $10,000 present to a serious fundraiser to your alma mater. If you write a test for $10,000, the faculty will get $10,000, and also you get to deduct $10,000. If as a substitute, you give the $10,000 value of inventory, the faculty nonetheless will get $10,000 (it will not owe any tax on the revenue when it sells the inventory), you continue to get to deduct $10,000… and also you get one thing extra.

You eradicate the tax you’d owe should you bought the inventory for $10,000. Such a sale would set off a capital beneficial properties tax on the $9,000 of revenue, and that may price you $1,350. Making your present with inventory as a substitute of money saves you that $1,350. If you do not actually wish to half with the inventory since you suppose it is nonetheless a superb investment, give it away anyway. Then use your $10,000 of money to buy the shares again within the open market. That manner you will solely be taxed on future appreciation.

How a present is used impacts donor worth
For property value greater than $5,000 ($10,000 for inventory in closely-held companies), you will must get a proper appraisal. Not solely that, however you will have to verify the appraiser is a member of a acknowledged skilled group or meets minimal training and expertise pointers. If you do not, the IRS can disallow your deduction.

If you are donating tangible private property, corresponding to a murals, what the charity does with the merchandise impacts how a lot you’ll be able to deduct. If you donate land so the native homeless shelter can construct a brand new facility to deal with extra individuals, you’ll be able to write off the total market worth.

But for example you donate a murals to the shelter for its fundraising public sale: In that case, you solely get a deduction for the worth you paid for the paintings. What should you donated the piece of artwork to a museum that may show it as a part of its assortment? In that case, you get to deduct the total market worth.

Contributing home goods
Donating used items corresponding to clothes, linens, electronics, home equipment and furnishings will get you a write-off for the merchandise’s honest market worth on the time you donated it, which can be significantly lower than what you initially paid.

The IRS has a useful booklet on this topic, Publication 561: Determining the Value of Donated Property.

For gadgets valued at greater than $500, you will must fill out Form 8283 and fix it to your return. On this kind you must describe every merchandise over $500 that you simply donated, determine the recipient, and supply details about the worth of the merchandise, together with your price or adjusted foundation.

Congress has clamped down on donations of family items to verify of us aren’t inflating the worth of their used stuff. No tax deduction is allowed until an merchandise is in good situation or higher. If an merchandise in less-than-good situation is valued at greater than $500, you’ll be able to take a deduction provided that you get the merchandise appraised and fix the appraisal to your return. Congress additionally gave the IRS broad authority to disclaim deductions for low-value gadgets corresponding to used socks and underwear.

When making ready your taxes with TurboTax, you need to use ItsDeductible Online that will help you worth and monitor your donations. This free program offers steering on costs for generally donated gadgets and is designed to switch your donation data to your tax return. ItsDeductible is a built-in function on TurboTax Deluxe and above.

Donating autos
If the claimed worth of your donated car is greater than $500, generally your deduction is restricted to the quantity the car brings when it is bought at public sale. The charity has 30 days after it sells your car to difficulty you a Form 1098-C that reveals the sale worth. You should connect that kind to your tax return or the IRS will disallow the deduction.

There are, nevertheless, some conditions the place you are permitted to assert the car’s estimated market worth: if the charity considerably improves the car, makes important use of it, or offers the car (or sells it at a reduction) to a poor one who wants transportation. For extra data, test the IRS article: IRS Guidance Explains Rules for Vehicle Donations.

Volunteer companies
Don’t overlook the volunteer work you carry out, which can additionally generate a deduction. You can write off many out-of-pocket bills you incur to do good work, together with what you pay for supplies, provides, uniforms, stationery, stamps, parking and tolls.

You may also deduct the price of driving to and out of your volunteer work, at a rate of 14 cents per mile. If you are taking public transportation, that bus or rail fare is deductible, too.

But this is the dangerous information: The worth of companies you present as a volunteer do not benefit a write-off. For occasion, should you’re a carpenter and also you assist a nonprofit group construct a house for the poor, you’ll be able to deduct journey prices and constructing provides you buy, however not the worth of the work you do. (That’s not as hard-hearted as it might appear. If you had been paid to do the work, you’d must report the pay as revenue, which might drive up your tax invoice.)

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